Robert Witzgall – A Berlin architect in the tension field between architecture and art


Often, as in a score, layer by layer is superimposed and thus made into a work of art in many nuances and levels. The diversity of the works with themes on architecture, painting, music, five continents, five senses and others on the one hand, as well as the individual, diverse artistic interpretation on the other, create a new kaleidoscope of experience, where feeling, idea and expression are stylized into an art form.

Here Robert Witzgall is looking for an outlet for artistic freedom and expression, where an aesthetic and sensual experience is presented with pleasure and joy in experiencing one‘s own possibilities.


- Einzelbild-Serien
- Klein, Mittel- und Großformate
- Sparte “Moderne Kunst”
- Assoziative Malerei
- Positive Bilderwelten
- Szenische Collagen
- Vielfältige Materialien
- Figürliche Reliefs
- Abstrakte Formensprache

- Picture-series
- Small-, middle- and largesize
- Section of “modern art”
- Associative painting
- Positiv world of pictures
- Scenic collages
- Manyfold materials
- Figured reliefs
- Abstract design language

1970-74            Studies at the UdK Berlin
                           – Design and fine arts

1975-79            Studies at the TU Berlin
                            – Architectur

 seit 1987         Atelier RTZ
                           – Architectur and design

1988-89            UdK Berlin
                          – LTeaching assignments for design and fine arts

 seit 2002        Architekturgalerie Phönix
                          – Fine arts
                          – Exhibitions




Comprehensive exposition of architecture,  art with music, text- and performance choreography

The exhibition “Man-Space-Time” takes you on an emotional and intellectually challenging journey through the sensory stimulating worlds of science, technology, art, experience, and everyday life.

The dialogue between the pillars of the fine arts, ranging from architecture to classical paintings, opens a space for playful and active transcendence of boundaries, leading to new and vastly expanded threshold experiences.

Speaking the language of modern art, the work is presented as associative painting, scenic collages, and figured reliefs.

As in the composition of music, the overlap of layer upon layer conduces to the creation of manifold and finely nuanced artwork.

The thematic diversity of the creations, from architecture, painting, music, to the 5 continents and the 5 senses, coupled with individualistic artistic interpretation, creates a caleidoscope of experiences.